What tool to retouch lips in Photoshop? the complexity of the process ...

Lip retouching is very important for portrait and macro photography. Usually I pay a lot of attention to the contour of the lips and the skin around them, fine hairs above the upper lip and hairs under the lower one should be worked out so that the final result of retouching is a complete and very attractive look. For the viewer or, for example, a manufacturer of lip cosmetics, lipsticks or creams, such photographs are always used in the beauty industry to attract attention.

Which Photoshop tool should you use to get the perfect lip contour?
By their nature, human lips cannot have very clear outlines, they are always a little blurry, and decorative cosmetics, makeup and, of course, in some cases, photoshop and the hands of a skilled retoucher help solve this problem.

To select lips in Photoshop and create an outline for them, you first need to select them and, in my opinion, PEN is the best tool, it is difficult to work with them, but if you practice a little, they simply do not have the best tool for solving this task.

The outline is smooth and very even, the Pen tool in Photoshop has many advantages, and if you are not using it yet, I advise you to take the time and practice, because when using the pen, the result looks professional and that is what retoucher pays for. for him to photograph. with attractive results.

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