How to make freckles naturally in Photoshop?

There is a very simple way to make freckles.
I use a special brush and can share it with you.
This brush was created by me Рusing brush settings, different Kegel levels and shape dynamics, if you need such a brush Рcontact me, I will share it with you completely free! 

After adding freckles with a brush in Photoshop, you need to apply a soft light mode to the layer in which you are working, it is better if it is an empty layer.

Remember to blur the freckles with a Gaussian blur filter – I usually use a blur of 1 pixel or more, depending on the portrait. Reduce the opacity of the layer and tint the layer with a Hue / Saturation adjustment layer so that the freckles are natural – they should be brown and orange and not very different in tone from the skin.

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