How do I use Curves in layer retouching to color correct through channels?

To adjust color correction through the curves layer in Photoshop, I usually use the settings for each of the RGB channels, however, you need to understand and remember the opposite sides of each curve, because moving the red channel to the bottom right, for example, adds green color.

If you move the curve of the red channel in the opposite direction, then red is added. This is a very easy way to retouch human skin because skin is usually composed of orange, yellow and red, and it is important to know the color combination in order to adjust the skin tone through the curves layer.

⇣ If you move the green channel, then, of course, it is responsible for magenta and additional green, when mixing all three color channels, we can get perfect color correction, without paid plug-ins and complex additional programs for design and graphics.
I advise you to take a good photo from the Internet, with pure colors and a High Еnd retouching, and practice moving the channels along the Photoshop curve, the principle of a curved arc in each color channel, in one direction or another, works best. Just try it – it’s very simple. ⇣

Color correcting with a curves layer in Photoshop is a unique and very easy way to make a photo commercial and attractive. Such retouching of a beautiful portrait will not go unnoticed and will bring you profit if you are a high-quality retoucher or photographer.

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I always use this method to color correct photos, the color is pure and very natural and looks like a commercial retouch for beauty brands or a beauty photo.

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