Trade card for e-commerce. How to make a perfectly white background? Ways ...

In order to sell any product on the Internet, beautiful photographs are undoubtedly necessary.
In my practice, clients send photos for retouching on a gray background or with different artifacts nearby, and my task as a retoucher is to photograph the product they want to buy, this is the goal of e-commerce and business. which cooperates with a retoucher or has employees on staff, there are always many competitors who save on such services.

Before Image After Image

For background cropping in Photoshop, I usually use a magic wand to select an object. Remember to blur the edge of the selection by 1 pixel, otherwise the edge will be jagged and look like a divider. Be a professional, there are usually a lot of such photos, for example, front view, back view, side view – it depends on the product and the final wishes of the customer.
Do not confuse retouching a catalog photo with advertising retouching – they have completely different purposes, but the product in the photo should make you want to buy in both the first and second cases.

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