How is retouching for online stores done?

It’s no secret that the Internet and online stores have become part of the modern consumer’s life. To sell their products online, brands and sellers order e-commerce retouching. This is a special type of photo retouching; the product must look very attractive so that the distance from the seller to the purchase made by the buyer is minimal.

Retouching for an online store is usually products on a white background, with a beautiful texture of fabric or smooth leather, if it is shoes or fur, if it is fur products. Retouching for catalogs of clothes, shoes, advertising photographs about the sale of goods and services requires colorfulness and attractiveness, contrast and juiciness.

And, of course, there are a few more examples of retouching products for e-commerce..

As a rule, I use different types of selections and masks, lighten the hair contour, etc. to trim the background.

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