Complex retouching of hair in Photoshop. What techniques should you use to achieve the perfect result?

Hair retouch is one of the most difficult types of retouching in Photoshop. Without retouching hair, we will not see beautiful images in advertisements for shampoos and hair products.
If you look, for example, at a package of hair dye, the image is always bright, the hair does not stick out and lie neatly in one direction.
Such images for advertising purposes are undoubtedly first retouched by a retoucher, this is ultimately necessary to obtain an attractive drawing.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

As you can see, the hair on the hair dye package looks attractive, and that’s the goal – to sell the product!
The curls shine and fit very evenly.
They are smooth, docile, and healthy.
My favorite hair dye Loreal! And your?
This is a company with a long history and reputation, I only trust this brand of hair and skin care.

I use different hair retouching techniques depending on the original image and the scalp problem.
Sometimes I make a collage of several dozen pieces of healthy hair and wipe the necessary places through a Photoshop mask. Shown in the picture below.

For the best effect, I use special brushes in Photoshop, they imitate human hair, because each hair has its own color, texture, shadow, etc.

In conclusion, I would like to note that hair retouching is not the easiest type of retouching and requires time, knowledge and skills.

I want to note that I undoubtedly possess these qualities, because I have experience in the field of photo retouching and work with both private customers and with companies that send their images for retouching for further use in advertising campaigns.

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